About me

Dr. Francesca Raimondi

Date of Birth:  05.14,1978

Nationality : Italian

Career Objective

My one true professional goal is to reach the best of my ability as a veterinary neurologist and neurosurgeon.

I have gained extensive experience as a veterinary neurologist with a thorough knowledge of diagnostic imaging (radiography, myelography, tc, mielotc, magnetic resonance imaging) electrodiagnostic, neurosurgery (mini emilaminectomy, emilaminectomy, spine stabilization,cervical ventral slot)I worked for six years (until December 2012) as a specialist in neurology, diagnostic imaging, neurosurgery in a reference center in Rome.

I am a member of E.C.V.S., SINVET, SCIVAC.I follow the main conference / training events in the field.  For a year I take care of minimally invasive intracranial surgery (currently mainly brain biopsies) through use of a neuronavigator .I would like to specialize more with the techniques of minimally invasive surgery and  in the future to apply the use of neuronavigator to perform minimally invasive surgery using the ultrasonic aspirator.

Education and Qualifications

1998-March 2004
University of Milan
Degree in veterinary medicine vote 104/110

Specialization courses – STAGES


December 2012 ,SINVET Topics of Neurology, feline medicine.

June 2012, ACVIM in New Orleans, session of neurology and neurosurgery.

Settembre 2011 24th Annual ESVN Symposium on Genetic Neurological Diseases in Trier ( Germany ).

June 2011, ACVIM in Denver, workshops about CT, session of neurology and neurosurgery.

May 2011, 7 th European Veterinary MRI –User Meeting  Technical notes : functional and interventional MRI. From the root to the target: peripheral nerve and neuromuscular diseases

April 2011, University of Bologna  Intracranial neurosurgery: removal of pituitary macroadenoma and patient management.

November 2010, SINVET  Liver disease and surgery of portosystemic shunts

May 2010, 65th International Congress multiplex SCIVAC, , session of neurology and imaging

May 2010, 6th European Veterinary MRI User Meeting  Soft Tissue Imaging and thoracic imaging in small animals. New ideas in tendon imaging in horses. Inversion recovery sequences and fat supression sequences.

April 2008, University of Parma  II ° Theoretical-practical course of veterinary clinical neurophysiology, focus on generalized neuromuscular diseases of the dog and cat.

May 2008, 4th European Veterinary MRI-User Meeting Imaging of the splanchocranium in horses and small animals , The use of contrast media in MRI.

November 2008, SINVET: Meeting of neuro-ophthalmology


October 2007, AIVPA: National Congress of Veterinary Neurology

2005-2006, SCIVAC: Educational tour of veterinary neurology 4 meetings:

Neurological examination and localization

Differential diagnosis

Neurological localization

Principles of the neuro- medical and surgical therapy

2006, SCIVAC  Course on distal Extremities Surgery and Traumatology

June 2005, SCIVAC: Course of external fixation

October 2005, SCIVAC: AO-ASIF  course in orthopedics and traumatology

Work Experiences

March 2013
I perform stereotactic brain surgery as free lance .

LIVS  (Long Island Veterinary Hospital)
I am doing a stage as visitor to learn more about brain surgery in particular I am learning to perform cranioplasty in Chiari-like syndrome, to perform brain surgery with brainsight, with CUSA. I am following brachiteraphy radiation system

April 2006           
Clinica veterinaria Roma Sud , Rome

Dec 2012
Neurologist / Imaging / Neurosurgeon
I worked in veterinary neurology, Imaging. I performed  neurological and orthopaedic radiographic studies, Tc, mielotc, MRI, electrodiagnostic, collection of cerebrospinal fluid, neurosurgery ( thoraco-lumbar surgery , cervical ventral slot, spinal stabilization),brain surgery :  intracranial biopsies by neuronavigator. I have a rmi guided stereotactic system : brainsight with which a perform mini invasive cranial biopsy.

Dec 2004 – April 2006        
Clinica Veterinaria Dott.re Ferretti Antonio, Milan – Legnano
I worked as an assistant, followed orthopedic examinations, I was in charge of radiology, helping as an assistant in orthopedic and neurological surgery

March 2003         
First Aid Center , Bergamo

April 2006
After completing a period of six months as an assistant / trainee, I worked as a day and night shift workers, dealing with first aid, internal medicine, radiology, surgery, basic

Jan 2005 – April 2006
Imaging center , Dr.ssa Lotti , Turin
I work as assistant in RMN imaging

Publications – Reports

January – March 2012
I participated as speakers at the UNIMEDVET course of neurology, imaging
The topics I discussed were:

1) Imaging in neurologic disorders : mielotc , TC, RMI

2) Side test in neurologic disorders: cerebrospinal fluid, PCR, sierology

3) Infections of the Spine

4) traumatic lesions of the Spine

5) neoplastic lesion of the head

May 2013
I will attend as speaker at the event dedicated to the epilepsy in dogs and cats organized by UNIVETMED

March 2013
poster in the 77 international course of imaging in Milan hold by Scivac: Stereotactic Intracranial RMI guided biopsy performed by brainsight system in a dog

A case report : multiple cerebrovascular accident associated with unilateral cerebrocortical necrosis in a cat with CNS-FIP waiting to be approved